Finally! My First Blog Post

This initial blog post has been many years in the making, which wouldn’t appear to be much of a task, but for me, it has been a massive process and I am super excited that I am finally here, and you have found your way here too. I hope you find something for yourself in the pages to follow and in the services I offer.

I received my diploma in Applied Nutrition Specializing in Sports Fitness from Alive Academy, certifying me as a Holistic Nutritionist in July 2013, with a massive desire to help thousands of women achieve the optimal health they all deserve. However, my priorities shifted closer to home when my marriage ended five months later and the well-being of our son and the formation of a new family dynamic became my main focus. I continued studying and saw occasional clients, but my time for the creation of this website was sparse and secondary. Once I felt our new life was established, comfortable, healthy and grounded, I tried to shift my energy to building these pages, but by then I was faced with my own health crisis managing SIBO, sudden severe reactions to food and the undertaking of getting a diagnosis and support for Chronic Lyme Disease. I also experienced immense self-doubt and I had no idea what my voice was, so every day that I sat down to build and create this space, I went blank, which was deeply frustrating because I knew in my heart that this was what I wanted to do.

I am passionate about healthy living and not only sharing from my own healing experiences, but also incorporating everything I’ve learned about nutrition and health from many years of study and exploration, so it has been hard not having this venue to communicate through, when I’ve wanted it so bad.

So here we are now. You will learn in my About page that I have a history of depression, and realistically I live with an element of it daily, but I am far beyond having it control my life and that is largely due to the combination of therapy and current nutrition and lifestyle choices. It has shaped a large part of my life but what I have gratitude for is that it has also taught me many lessons about fortitude, respect for individuality, that life is multi-faceted, and that value for self and others is tantamount. Coming out of the trenches of depression and subsequent health issues has made me a more informed and empathetic health practitioner, and it has taught me that the human body and mind have to be treated with equal love and care as they are so deeply connected and united. I am hugely influenced by the mind, body connection in how I see and experience the world and this will be reflected in pages to come.

My passion for living a fulfilled, healthy life extends well beyond my goals for my son and I, and I find immense joy and inspiration in sharing with, and helping others create the same for themselves. I truly hope that you find support, community, value and inspired living in all the stories, resources and pages that will build upon this site in the future, and I look forward to meeting you.

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