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Radiant Woman

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Personalized twelve week, ultimate health program for willful women ready to nourish, invigorate, and liberate their best selves with one-on-one support.

Radiant Woman
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Amidst our busy lives we get lost in the race and forget to honour and nurture ourselves and our unique personalities. Add childhood traumas or dysfunctions, career fluxes, divorce, weight challenges, mid-life illness, grief and loss, and the all consuming powerful role of motherhood, and we inevitably become disconnected to some aspect of our health and livelihood.

The Radiant Woman Whole Hearted Life program serves your inherent right to a life fully embraced and powerfully expressed. We will work closely together for 12 healing, energizing and transformative weeks with the goal of you coming out the other side with not only a fresh perspective on your liberated, healthy future, but with a whole new love and appreciation for your body and your ability to make sustainable, confident, positive change.

This program is individualized, it’s built around you, but you can expect to experience any number of these common and achievable benefits:

– balanced moods
– weight loss
– more energy and endurance
– better digestion
– relief from dependency on stimulants
– deeper sleep
– knowledge of foods that best suit you
– new healthy habits
– deeper connection to your goals
– reduction or removal of brain fog
– clearer skin
– reduced reactions to food
– easing of inflammatory conditions
– strengthened immune system
– PMS relief
– and so much more!

You will work hard during these 12 weeks, this is not a quick fix, this time is an investment into your spirit and longevity and we dig deep, we go beyond scratching the surface. It is best for women who are not content with the overall state of their health and spirit. The Radiant Woman program is for you if you are sick and tired of squeezing by and are determined, and wholeheartedly committed to fulfilling your goals of lasting health and radiant energy.

During our time together, we will achieve your goals and the lasting benefits listed above by addressing, exploring and in most cases transforming many aspects of your health, including:

– your self beliefs
– digestive health
– anatomy of your moods
– previous weight fluctuations and challenges
– family health history
– career and relationship fulfillment
– home environment
– inflammation
– nutrition deficiencies and balancing
– meal planning and prep
– exercise and movement
– goal setting
– healthy habit formation

Becoming truly healthy and feeling great, especially when you’re experiencing significant mental and physical blocks in your life, and have been repeating behaviours that you are not happy with, doesn’t happen overnight and it never happens with a typical calorie restricted diet. Your best health is created through open-minded, frank and loving self-discovery of your physical and mental state, willful determination, empowering support and knowledge of not only how you got to feeling so crappy, but knowledge of how to move forward with healthy habits, confidence and a sincere, loving, renewed sense of value for yourself.
You are worth every minute of your time and financial investment and this is your time to shine and create a meaningful, expressed, clean, energized and feminine, abundant life!


  • Initial 60 minute session to discuss your goals and review your health history and previous barriers.
  • Weekly appointments via Skye, phone, or in person where we set goals, honour achievements and work on barriers that arose in that particular week.
  • Additional email and text support throughout the weeks.
  • All sessions include follow-ups from me with additional information that will support our discussions and your goals. Some examples include lists of foods to avoid or include, meal plans, recipe ideas, exercise resources, complementary healing options to explore, motivation and follow through on goals you have set such as booking appointments with therapists, trainers, career resources, family time etc.

Cost: Payment plan with $325 in three monthly installments.

Location: I work with clients like yourself via Skype, or you can meet me here in Vancouver for your initial consultation. All future sessions are largely communicated through Skype or phone, with email options and email/text support.

If you are unsure if this is the right path for you, email me to set up a free phone consultation, we will discuss if this is a commitment you are ready to make.

Once your purchase is complete I will email you within 48 hours to set up your appointment and get you started on your investment.