"Heidi truly cares about her clients. During the time that we worked together, I never felt that I was alone and just following some instructions. Instead, I felt that I had company, someone helping me step by step to achieve my goals. I was impressed by how she assessed my unique health in detail, and the diet and nutrition suggestions Heidi gave me truly helped me to understand the weak areas that needed revision in my diet. It wasn’t one time help. She gave me the vision to help myself. She’s my inspiration on Instagram as well!"

Behi Mohajer, Portfolio Manager at Fraser Health Authority


"I searched for help from Heidi when I realized my busy life as a mother of two (5&6) was taking a toll on me, and was manifesting trough different types of health issues such as recurrent infections, extremely low energy, food and environment allergies that made my skin react to pretty much everything, and many other issues that were making my life a lot less enjoyable.

On my first visit with Heidi, she helped me realize that our bodies are desperately telling us what is going on and we just have to stop, listen and make changes. Heidi suggested some good changes not only in my diet but in my lifestyle. After only the first week of following Heidi’s advice I was feeling much better, not only physically but emotionally. I felt like I was taking back control over my body and my life and that felt great! The first thing I experienced after following her advice was that my brain fog was gone. I could think clear, I felt awake again and that was priceless! Another quick result that I experienced was a change in my period. For over a year I had been getting sick when my period was over but that did not happen again and I could not believe it! And my skin reactions were less often and less intense, almost immediately. My body regained strength and was getting healthy, I could see it, I could feel it! Heidi was accurate with her recommendations, she helped me make good choices and she made it nice and simple.

I am thankful I met Heidi, I am thankful I could learn from her! She shared more than just a menu or healthy recipes, she shared her passion for healthy living that now lives with me and my family for life!"

Monica Gonzalez Warwas, Owner/Operator My Mom Shares Club


"I came to Heidi seeking a holistic approach to relieve chronic pain and inflammation. With both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, I was forced to take large doses of muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatories and pain medication in order to accomplish my activities of daily living. The walking program I needed to follow to maintain proper joint function was painful and exhausting. With her guidance, I cut out or cut down on foods that encouraged inflammation in many parts of the body, including, and especially, the gut.
Within two weeks of modifying my diet, I was able to decrease and, on some days, eliminate the non-prescription drugs I was taking, and did not need doses of codeine for a restful sleep. As a bonus, I lost excess weight that was also impairing joint function. I was able to resume beach combing and going on enjoyable long walks for the first time in years, without the need for analgesics.
The 18 pages of guidelines she wrote for my unique needs was both informative and easy to understand. She answered questions that came up via email and telephone, offering encouragement and clarification when needed. The research websites and books she recommended reinforced her knowledge and approach and left me with a greater understanding of the negative role inflammation plays in our well being.
I would highly recommend Heidi's services to anyone challenged with acute or chronic illness.

Marion Thomson, Retired/Mother/Wife/Friend/Artist


"I met with Heidi barely 3 weeks ago, and I am shocked by how quickly her recommendations have changed how I feel. I've hit the gym more times in the past week than the past 3 months combined, and I powered through a 12 hour work day yesterday without my usual mid afternoon collapse. I drink half the coffee that I used to need, and my work team laughs about my new energy levels. My EA even commented that I am back to how I "used to be when I first hired her". Heidi gave me a few simple recommendations, plus a lot of options to support those nutritional changes, and it has been fantastic."

Justin Meiklem, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Stockhouse Publishing